GOC 2014 : The results

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During the Galax Esports Carnival, the 2nd GOC overclocking competition was held, bringing together 12 competitors. The event, organized in the city of Wuhan in China, took place Guanggu Stadium in the heart of Huazhong University Campus of Science and Technology.

The results

Competitors have all shown a very high level, but three had succeed in getting the best out of the hardware. Remember, everyone had to bring his own motherboard, but processor, graphics card and memory were provided by Galax.

8pack has largely led the competition with 92 points in total. With the most docile 3D card of the competition, he dominated the 3DMark tests, both in the 2011 Performance and Fire Strike. He even managed to rank second in the unique 2D test of the event, SuperPi 32M.

The South African Vivi, who won the MOA in October, arrived just behind. Finally, Lucky_n00b, yet less comfortable in 3D benchmarks, has reached on the third step of the podium. Unfortunately for them, none of the Chinese overclockers, in majority though, couldn’t get a good place.


Step 1: 2D – SuperPI 32M

For the first benchmark of the competition, and also the only 2D one, the rules were clear: the processor should not exceed 6 GHz, the goal being to push overclocking of the memory kit to its limits. In this game, Xtreme_Addict has demonstrated its expertise, just behind 8Pack.

Step 2: 3D – 3DMark 11 Performance – 3DMark Fire Strike – Strike Extreme Fire

The second part of the event focused on 3D tests. In each of them, 8Pack has consistently dominated the ranking with his 3D card, the fastest of the competition.



Several prizes were awarded to the overclockers at the end of the GOC 2014. Each of them was able to walk away with the hardware provided by Galax, except for the processor.

Graphics: Galax GTX 980 HOF
Memory: DDR3 Galax HOF
Power: 1200W Galaxy HOF
SSD: Galax

The three winners earn some money in the same time. 8Pac, in the first place, put 3,000 dollars in his picket. Vivi goes back with 2000 dollars while Lucky_n00b puts his hand on 1000 dollars.


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