Cebit 2010- CoolIT

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We have now been at CoolIT and got an amazing trip at their booth, which got an quite cool lineup.

What we are going to focus us, is the following products  ECO and Vantage

ECO A.L.C is a CPU cooling unit, running a closed loop so you will never need to refill the loop or fill it after purchase. ECO A.L.C is CoolIT`s smallest model.Targeted against users who want easy and reliable watercooling without troubles.  Following details are worth to note and are seen on both ECO and Vantage;

Flexible hoses, the hose is not in a fixed passion like the competition H50, so CoolIT ECO A.L.C Gives you  an easier installation and option to “adjust”  the hoses, which is impossible on the H50.

Improved mounting system, simply just slide the four mounting mechanism from LGA1156 to LGA1366 or LGA775. Its convenient and much easier than the mounting system on the H50. Bracket is available for AMD based systems.

Following details are available and worth to note on the CoolIT Vantage A.L.C

Display on the CPU head, which shows the temperature (water) and it even have options to customize the color of the RGBs by three color graph slide bars in the application.

CoolIT Maestro, is an brand new and innovative application which are originally intended for data center usage. CoolIT took this technology, redefined it and the outcome is simply amazing. The Maestro kit has a wireless USB adapter, RGB lights, wireless fan/light control boxes.  This is how it works, you connect the unit which controls 1x set of RGB lights, 2x additional fans (if used directly with Vantage A.L.C) and one temperature readout, so if you use it in extension with Vantage A.L.C (you can cascade the control boxes) then you will have 3x additional fans/pump plugs. So there is no more cable mess, duo to the wireless communication it features.

If you want to upgrade your HDD cooling, simply mount wireless box in the HDD area and it will wirelessly communicate with the head unit and with the Maestro software you will be able to control it.  For example if we setup a task if our CPU temperature exceeds 80 degrees we could do the following :

  • Sent an email
  • Shut down windows
  • Run a specific file
  • Show predefined color for all the RGB lights within the case.

The RGB lights can even be in a temperature mode, where blue is 20c and red is 40c, in between those (blue and red) there is color “graph” so 30c is greenish, so just a look at your PC can tell you the temperature.  Beside graphs are available for creation and as said individual tasks for each wireless unit.

CoolIT have really pushed some interesting products to the market and we are looking forward to see which products they will introduce in the future.


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