Cebit 2010- Steelseries

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We got the opportunity to see what Steelseries have been working on lately and here is the outcome.

What we are about to look at, is there new high end headphones, targeted at gamers and there new keyboard which is targeted at gamers as well as people who want a clean and long lasting lifespan duo to the features, to mention is aluminum inside so its heavy and none the less super durable.

Kim smashed the keyboard against the table and also smashed his hands several times directly at the keyboard without even giving the keyboard a scratch. So for the gamers who needs to get aggressions out while playing, this will last a long time. Furthermore it’s mechanically, so there is no problems using several keys at the same time in a small area, which can be the case on non mechanically keyboards. Furthermore the lifespan is superior compared to a non mechanically keyboard.

Their new headset come with two different sets of ear pads, one for gaming in loud environments or simply if you just want to leave anything else than the PC sound out of your head. The other is more comfortable, but yet still gives you a quite good performance, better air circulation and comfort as well. The headset can be brought apart into three pieces, so it’s easier to carry for travel.

It will be connected to the computer via a removable mini-USB, which’s plug into the bottom and being removable, if you forget having the headset on and trying to move away from the computer you will not damage anything, because the mini-USB will simply deattach.


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