205.67MHz away from the 9GHz

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Few months ago we saw a very good event named “Tales of  Taipei #3”, an event where we saw all major motherboard manufacturers in the world, except for the number #1 ASUS. A lot of overclockers went to the event, where we saw many 8GHz+ validations and few 7GHz+ validations in the 10K AMD segment.

Today, after a little trip around HWBot, we found an AndreYang’s 8794.33MHz made in November 19th, 2012. Without more words, here is the picture of the validation, accepted by CPU-Z and done with a FX-8350 with only 2 cores and 2 threads actives.

Taken from HWBot.org
Taken from HWBot.org

Now, if we keep in mind the tittle that HWBot used for this new “Sandbag”, we could see a much impressive and maybe 9GHz validation after CeBIT.

Source: HWBot.org


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