Best Overclocking Picture Contest

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While posting a few days ago an overclocking picture on our Facebook page, we actually along comments though that it could be a good idea to organize an overclocking picture contest.

The best overclocking picture contest idea

We are all fan’s of overclocking and many of us already had the chance to practice overclocking in everyday possible. Basic overclocking, Advanced ovrclocking and Extreme!  For those that had the chance to use LN2 they probably have pictures of it and this is what we are looking for today!

Why not finding out who took the best overclocking picture?

The Contest rules

As for any contest, there are a few rules that need to be followed, please check these carefully to have all your chances:

  1. Be Fan of OCTV (so you can post the picture)
  2. The participants agree that OCTV and other Media can publish the picture
  3. The Picture submitted must have been taken by the participant. You cannot use the picture of someone else.
  4. The Picture should contain extreme overclocking cooling methods (No AirCooling)
  5. The Picture cannot contain people, only hardware benched, be creative!
  6. The Picture has to be raw and untouched. It’s a photography contest. Photoshop or image tuning is not allowed.
  7. The Picture can contain a discrete watermark or a few words, but nothing that stands out ot the eye.

Note: If your country blocks Facebook no worry, simply send us your pic by email: Contact <<at>>  

Aditional Contest informations

Find below the date and deadlines for this contest. Please share the news around you, share this on Facebook by writing a comment to this post and let’s make the most noise as possible around it :)

Duration: 2 Weeks
Running Time:
07/07/2012 – 22/07/2012
Our eternal congratulations and a spot on OCTV page header for a week. And the possibility of your picture to appear on OC websites all around the world! In other words: FAME!

How to win?

We thought that it would be cool to let the overclockers themselves vote for the best picture. So we will be posting the pictures on a special Facebook album each time we receive it. Hit “like” and/or “write a comment” on your favorite picture as soon as you see it. The earlier you submit the more chances you have to win! Share it to your friends :)

Point will be awarded as follow:

  • 1 Like = 1 Point
  • 1 Comment = 2 Points

(only one comment per person counts of course)

Final Words

We are organizing this contest with our Friends from HotOverclock, go check out their FB page!

Contest starts in a bit less than a week. Make some noise!

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