ASUS AOOC 2013 – The results

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The ASUS AOOC 2013 competition is now over. All scores have been submitted and the final ranking has be locked down. If you watched the livestream, you might have seen the confusion near the end as their was ties between a few teams.

Luckily after a few minutes or score verifications and adjustments, the final ranking has been locked down and everything came back into order.


And the winner is …

This year’s AOOC winner is Team Ukraine with T0lsty and cyclone

ASUS AOOC 2013 winner - T0lsty and cyclone


Second, comes Team France with StrategosSan and Wizerty

ASUS AOOC 2013 - top 2 StrategosSan and Wizerty

Finally, third is Team Europe with Xtreme Addict and Perica_barii

ASUS AOOC 2013 - top 3 Xtreme Addict and Perica_barii

ASUS AOOC 2013 – Top 3 Scoreboard

The office website ins’t yet reflecting the final ranking as the tie between top 3 and top 2 hasn’t been broken based on the best submission with Fire strike. Here is what it should look like:

ASUS AOOC 2013 - Scoreboard


Video Interviews

We have shot interviews with all these three teams and will be releasing these videos very soon!

Winner : Team Ukraine : T0lsty & cyclone


Team France : Strategosan & Wizerty


Team Europe : Perica_brii & Xtreme Addict


Live Broadcast re-run

You can find the complete live broadcast recording below :


Big thanks to ASUS for the invitation and the organization of this great event. Vlad and your team, you guys did a great insane job!

Thanks also to all of you that have watched the live streaming from the event.


See you soon from Taipei for some more Live overclocking actions!


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