Gigabyte Booth at Computex 2014

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Today we’ve spend quite some time hanging around the Gigabyte computex booth in the 101. As every year, this is probably our favorite place to check out stuff – especially since the view is always great from the 101.

This year, Gigabyte invited a bunch of overclockers to join and back-up their in-house crew which is now counting 3 top overclockers : Dinos22, HiCookie and Sofos.

Gigabyte Z97 SOC Force “ln2” edition motherboard

Earlier on, we shared over social media and youtube extracts from the Gigabyte Press conference that took place right before the start of computex. Make sure to check out the video below about their special “ln2” edition of the Z97 SOC Force Motherboard.

Gigabyte G-powerboard

On the booth, we’ve been introduce by Cookie to his latest baby: The G-Powerboard. Basically this is an add-on power card for overclockers. As for other solutions offered by the competition, this allows overclocker to supply their cards with additional phases. With this one, you can go up to 24 of them.

What makes this G-powerboard different from the rest of the competition is also the control device that will eventually come package with the final revision product. This will allow a total control over the power beast and so truly be a great addition to Gigabyte’s expanding OC gear family products.

Overclocking on the Booth

To finish up this recap news about what Gigabyte was up too overclocking wise on computex, take a look at the following video. In this video, our very own trouffman gets to discuss with Dinos22 about what these guys have planned for computex.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to share this post if you liked it. Oh and I almost forgot. Here are a few pics for you to check out. Keep pushing it!


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