Kingston HyperX OC Takeover Series – Computex 2014

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Earlier this year, Kingston ran it’s first HOT (HyperX OC Takeover) event in Vegas. Confident from the success of this event, the guys at Kingston decided to push the experience further and kick-start a series of event. This series of OC competitions will be running worldwide with several milestone live events along the way in various places.

The kick-off event is today’s event at computex. Taking advantage of the press presence covering the trade-show, Kingston also combined it’s overclocking competition with a gaming event. Smart move! $10,000 USD are up for grabs in this competition, a nice cash prize that will be splitter among the top3 overclockers of each stage.

Contestants will be competing of course on the Z97 platform motherboards as using the HyperX memory modules. Interestingly, overclockers for this competition are allowed to bing their own CPU and if they have the change to own a few ESs (Engineering Samples), these are also allowed.

Overclocker line-up

So this is the line up for the computex kick-off event. As you can see, each Motherboard manufacturer will be represented in the competition. Officially, the Overclocker line-up for these “official vendor teams” hasn’t been communicated yet, but we can expect familiar faces!

Kingston HOT at Computex – Line up.

The other teams participating in the competition are the ones that got selected through the qualification stages on the BOT earlier this year. Again here, the usual faces of the scene but we are also happy to see some new ones such as Slythz which is going to bench with Lucky_n00b and represent JagatOC. More details are available on the HWBOT competition page

Competition Benchmarks

The competition is decided in three stages. Each of these will be hosted through the HWBOT competition engine and feature each a different benchmark. Kingston selected the following benchmarks for the competition: (Click on each to access stage pages)

For the memory clock stage, overclockers will be competing for the highest memory clock validation. The validations will be submitted through a CPU-Z memory tab screenshot. The highest clock = the highest points. SuperPi32M for the second stage is quite famous benchmark in the overclocking scene. This benchmark that calculates Pi to 32 millions decimals sees it’s scores tightly tied to the system’s CPU and memory frequency. Also overclockers that master the fine arts of system as well as OS tweaking will definitely enjoy every single bit of it. Finally, the final stage on Intel’s XTU benchmark brings us a “secret CPU” ingredient. There is no doubt on what this secret CPU will be. Intel is all about has well refresh for this computex, and of course the core i7 4790K will be the secret CPU.

There is not pre-determinded benching slots for each – so each team can decide on how to spend it’s 6.5h to get the scores.

Cash prize distribution

As announced earlier, the cash pool for this competition reaches $10,000 USD. Here is how the distribution will be done.

Firs place:

  • Memory Clock #1 – $2,000
  • SuperPi 32M #1 – $1,500
  • XTU #1 – $1,000

Second place:

  • Memory Clock #2 – $1,500
  • SuperPi #2 – $1,000
  • XTU #2 – $750

Third place:

  • Memory Clock #3 – $1,000
  • SuperPi 32M #3 – $750
  • XTU #3 – $500

Definitely a nice prize for each, considering the fact that the participants will be probably getting the chance to bring home some of the gear provided for the competition as it happened in Vegas for the last HOT event.


The competition is going to start in a few minutes, this is what the schedule looks like:

  • 12:00 Door Opens | HyperX OC Takeover starts
  • 14:00 HyperX Press Event Reception
  • 14:30 HyperX Press Event
  • 15:30 HyperX League of Legends Progaming Showcase Match
  • 17:00 Mixer | Cocktail & Snacks
  • 19:00 HyperX OC Takeover Awards Ceremony

Live coverage

Overclocking-TV will be streaming live on TwitchTV on the Overclocking-TV channel.
The live will start at 11:30am (GMT+8) and will finish at 6:00pm (GMT+8).

Pictures !



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