MSI MOA 2014 – The results

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After eight hours of fierce competition, the first part of the Master Overclocking Arena 2014 ends. The Classic Battle, which pitted 18 competitors through three different benchmarks – SuperPI, CineBench and 3DMark – has strained overclockers and their PCs. Here is the official ranking :

The Top 3


There’s no discussion about the victory of Vivi with 153.2 points. Only a bit more than 2 points lead over the second. The young South African has established itself in third place in SuperPI, followed closely by Mikecdm (56 points). He succeed in getting the third place in CineBench (43 points) behind fellow dRweEz (also 43 points) and German Moose83 (44 points).

Take a look at Vivi’s Interview

His supremacy in 3DMark has dealt a blow over its competitors : 16,183 marks, or 53 points. Vivi’s regularity on the podium has been lacking for its competitors and has allowed him to get ahead in the rankings. The second place is held by the Ukrainian T0lsty (151.9 points), ahead of South Korean oc_windforce (151.5%), nonetheless leader of the first event.

Overall ranking


The ranking demonstrates the high level of the overclockers present to this MOA 2014. Two other competitors have overtake 150 points : Moose83 and nacho_arroyo.

Stage One: Super PI 32M

In this test, oc_windforce take over by doing only 4 min 49 s 843 ms, three seconds faster than T0lsty. As a reminder, this first stage weight for 35% of the final score.


Stage Two: Cinebench R15

CineBench is the benchmark that counts for less in the final score, at 30%. It is in this event that Moose83 has succeed, earning 44 points in the process.


Stage Three: 3D Mark Fire Strike

The Fire Strike test is straining GTX 780 graphics cards provided by MSI. The winner of the Classic Battle, Vivi, has demonstrate here its expertise by being the only one to exceed 16,000 marks.


The Prizes


Vivi win the first prize, $ 3 000, as well as the hardware he used. T0lsty wins $ 2 000 while 1 500 dollars are going to oc_windforce. Finally at the fourth place, Moose83 puts his hand on 1000 dollars.

Next: No Limits Battle

Classical competition is over, but the MOA 2014 is still going on. Overclockers address tonight to the second part of the competition, the No Limits Battle. To find the details of the event, simply follow this link.


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