MSI MOA 2014 – No Limits Results

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The first round of the MSI MOA 2014 was won yesterday by Vivi, earning 3,000 dollars in the process. Today, our 18 overclock from around the world fighted in 15 different benchmarks divided into three categories:


  • Super PI 32M
  • PiFast
  • 3D Mark03
  • 3D Mark 05
  • AquarMark 3


  • Prime HWBOT
  • XTU
  • Cinebench R11.5
  • Cinebench R15
  • Wprime 1024M


  • Fire Strike
  • 3D Mark 11 – P
  • Heaven DX11
  • 3DMark Vantage
  • Catzilla 720P

After nearly 10 hours spread between yesterday and today, the scores followed on many different configurations.


It’s ultimately Wizerty that has stood out in the crowd with an interesting strategy. By focusing on 2D benchmarks, he took advantage over the rest of the competition, focused on 3D. HWBOT Prime, XTU, Cinebench R11.5 and R15, WPrime 1024M, SuperPI 32M, PiFast … On each of them, he secured a comfortable first place.

He was closely followed by steponz, which manage to make some good results on  3D benchmarks, as well as bboyjezz. They then won respectively the second and third place. Just behind, none other than the second at Classic Battle, T0lsty who has demonstrated its strength in 3D. Finally, the winner of the first competition, Vivi, also made a performance in the ranking, at the fifth place.

MSI MOA 2014 – Prizes


The No Limits Battle rewards more overclockers than the Classic, with 5 prizes. The first place held by Wizerty allows him to grab 2500 dollars. steponz win 2000 dollars and 1500 dollars goes to bboyjezz.

T0lsty increases his earning : in addition to $ 2,000 of the Classic Battle, he gets a hold of one thousand dollars here. Finally, Vivi inflates its profits to $ 500.

MSI MOA 2014 – The end


The term of the No Limits Battle marks the end of the MSI MOA 2014, after months of qualification and a grand final which has put nerves on the overclockers and their PCs. The competition was hard and really interesting to follow, and it was a pleasure to share it with you guys through our Live.


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