Announcing the AOOC 2014 Livestream

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One competition after the next – that’s how 2014 could be recapped! It’s been now a month since we’ve been live and we are exited to be back for another epic live very soon.

This time we will be attending the ASUS AOOC 2014 Finals. This is the Final of Europe’s largest live OC competition of the year which is going to bring down to Moscow, Russia the european overclocking elite.

Facts about the AOOC 2014

The AOOC is the largest live OC event in Europe. We’ve attended the previous edition in 2013 last year and this year’s edition is filled with exiting new tweaks to the competition layout and also some nice overclocking challenges for the competitors.


In an earlier news about the AOOC 2014 we’ve already talked about the contestants, so lets focus with this news on the competition hardware and the competition format.

In terms of hardware, ASUS is of course going for the promotion of its latest high-end OC gear with this event. This is the full list of what the guys will be competing on:


Now to compete, overclockers will be teamed up in teams of two. As the combination has been made through an intricate selection/combination process tied into the qualifiers we should be seeing a fairly balanced show for these finals in which OCers teams aren’t representing just one country.

Benchmark wise, ASUS announced the following:


Live-stream, dates & times

Now the part you need to add to your calendar! Tune-in according to the following times.

  • Friday, November 21st at 11pm PDT (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver)
  • Saturday, November 22nd at 2am EST (GMT-8) (Montreal, New York)
  • Saturday, November 22nd at 5:00am BRT (Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro)
  • Saturday, November 22nd at 8:00am (GMT+1: Paris, Stockholm, Berlin)
  • Saturday, November 22nd at 10:00am (Moscow)
  • Saturday, November 22nd at 3:00pm (GMT+8: Taipei, HongKong)

Note: We will be also holding some giveaway contests during the stream … among which you can grab of course some of the official event polo shirts and a STRIX GTX 980 graphics card …. so be attentive to your commentary hosts for the go!

See you there. To not miss out, consider joining our Facebook event and make sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel to get an email injection as soon as we get live.


The ASUS AOOC 2014 is brought to you by ASUS, Corsair & MicroXperts.

Keep pushing it!


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