Asus AOOC 2014 – The Results

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The first part of the third edition of the AOOC (Asus Open Overclocking Competition) is finally over. Overclockers arrived at 10am this morning in Moscow Cyber Stadium and after 7 hours of hard competition, the eight teams have finally submitted the latest results. They were very tight, especially during the last stage on 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme. Until the last minute, new scores were submitted to the judges.

The Top 3

And the winners of the 2014 edition are… The german team ! Dancop and BenchBros are first with a total of 108 points! The second place goes to Xtreme Addict and Giogioprimo with 104 points while the third place is occupied by Wizerty and TerraRaptor with 91 points.

Overall ranking


Stage One : Cinebench R15

The first benchmark is mainly focused on the processor frequency. It needs high speed to get big scores. 8pack and der8auer were able to lead the competition with 5.5 GHz. They reached 2188 points, 28 points ahead John_White and Maedhros. The German duo, Dancop and Benchbros, follows behind with 2155 points.

Stage Two: 3DMark 11

Other benchmarks are more graphics dependent. Cooled with liquid nitrogen, the GTX 980s offers some very interesting scores. It is finally the French and Kazakh Wizerty and TerraRaptor who won the race with 26 228 points. They are followed by Gogioprimo and Xtreme Addict who managed to reach 26 168 points. Dancop and Benchbros are third with 25 882 points.

Stage Three: 3DMark Fire Strike

In 3D Mark Fire Strike, the Russian team did their country proud by helding the competition. With 19 135 points, Smoke and _12_ are the only ones to have overtake 19 000 points. Extreme Addict and Giorgioprimo are second with 18 889 points. Then Dancop and Benchbros are still on the podium, at the third step (18 808 points).

Last stage: 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

In the last race, the German team won. The difference with the others is low, but enough: 9287 points. Giorgioprimo and Xtreme Addict are not really far with 9214 points. Smoke and _12_ either with 9 196 points.


AOOC2014_Day1_setup_ (1 of 1)All participants of the AOOC go home with their complete setup set: Asus Rampage Extreme V motherboard, Asus GTX 980 graphic card and RAM kit/SSD given by Corsair.

The leaders of the competition get home with some money too:

  1. Dancop and Benchbros: 5000 dollars
  2. Giorgioprimo and Xtreme Addict: 3000 dollars
  3. Wizerty and TerraRaptor: 2000 dollars

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