AOCT 2014 – The Results

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The Amateur OverClocking Tournament 2014 just ended and the final scoreboard has been confirmed. It’s been quite an adventure to attend this very singular event – filled with lessons, new experiences and amazement. So much enthusiasm and thrill – something I have to say, haven’t experience in live OC since quite a while now.

The Results

There is much more to be said about the event, but lets make it brief and to the point with this news. The competition was devided in three stages. A first stage with SuperPi 32M on the MSI MPower motherboard. The Second stage featured the XTU benchmark on the ASUS Maximus VII Gene and finally the last stage focussed on 3D with Fire Strike run off the IGP with a Gigabyte Z97M-D3H.

Straight from the start, the OC-44_ team sat the pace and camped the first position until the second round. Leaving the competition behind cruising at a comfortable CPU frequency of 4821 MHz on SuperPi.

BACKDROP GUDANG uk. 384 x 241 m

But as things got more serious with the 3D stage on IGP, other contenders that had been standing by during the first 2D stages decided to move to the offensive. As the scores on 3DMark Fire Strike kept on getting tighter, the ranking system and smart move by the teams eliminated OC-44_’s top rank, and thus pushed the NoIC-44 up first. And here they are, these guys are the AOCT 2014 Champions!

AOCT 2014 Final Scoreboard
AOCT 2014 Final Scoreboard

Pictur Time

We’ve had the chance and the honor to meet and insanely high count of new faces. Hard to remember the name of everybody – so here is a tribute to the Indonesian Overclocking community. Enjoy & Feel free to share, re-use any of these. (Don’t forget credits with link to OCTV)


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