HWBOT World Tour 2015 – Proud and Live!

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Earlier last year, the HWBOT guys started talking about a huge project called the World Tour 2015. Since then a lot of hard work was put into the project and finally the complete plan featuring three stops around the world has just been announced. The World Tour 2015 will be featuring a stop in North America, Europe and Asia.

The start of an epic journey

When the guys at HWBOT approached us earlier last year they asked us to join a plan that was both super exciting and presented a challenge worth anything we’ve worked on so far. Straight from the start, the discussion was about hosting overclocking events all around the world. OverClocking-TV was asked to take care of the livestream and participate actively (thanks to Isaie’s presence in Montreal) to the North American stop organization.

Of course, we wanted to be part of this, so we did.

For us, this was a dream come true, an overclocker’s dream!

HWBOT World Tour 2015 – Road Map

The World Tour 2015 roadmap features three stops at the moment (yes, there might be more…). For each event, participants will be able to join three main activities which are:

  • Freestyle overclocking bench party with LN2
  • Compete in the HWBOT World Series (a competition exclusive to extreme overclockers attending the event)
  • Compete in the HWBOT World Series for Amateur (a competition inspired from the Indonesian initiative open only to amateurs that bans all the top and extreme guys).

In the slides share by HWBOT yesterday in the announcement post, details are given regarding the format of the competition for amateurs. Gamers & visitors that attend those events will be invited to join a free workshop and learn elementary overclocking skills. After that, each of them will be able to compete in a double elimination styled competition – something that we are looking forward to stream live!


For the moment, only tickets for the first stop (North America) are available for sale – priced at $80 USD for 3 days of unlimited LN2 overclocking, we can definitely call that a bargain.

This will be the occasion for many to try our for the first time their LN2 pots with something more extreme than dry-ice and learn from their friends sitting next to them.

There are 26 seats available, so make sure to reserve yours before it’s too late. Tickets HERE

Proud and Live

OverClocking-TV is extremely proud to be joining forces with HWBOT and the Overclock.net community on this event.

If your are not able to attend, bookmark those dates anyway as we will be streaming live from there the whole time. Planned for each stream are of course a live shoutcast from the competitions but also live debates about overclocking & hardware, and more!

If you have any questions about the World Tour events – just ask.

See you there!


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