Kingston HyperX OC Takeover 2014-2015 World Final – Xtreme Addict strikes again

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The HyperX OC Takeover is the first overclocking competition of 2015 and it sports 10 overclockers competition for a total cash prizes of 15 000 $US.

The qualification process was run through HWBOT and 11 overclockers qualified, 10 made their way to the World Wide Final to compete on hardware provided by HyperX, Intel, GIGABYTE, CoolerMaster and GELID.

The competition latest one day and an extra hour the next day and the contestant had to run for the maximum frequency on their HyperX Predator DDR4 Memory, Cinebench R15 for the highest score and a clock-limited challenge to get the best Intel XTU score with the 5960X Core i7 CPU at 5Ghz maximum. The overclockers were all using the newly launched GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion motherboard we introduced at launch time.

Maximum Memory Frequency

The first stage to run was the maximum memory frequency, most of the overclockers got an HyperX predator DDR4 RAM sticks to use. The strategy was to test each stick and select the best one for highest frequency as possible.


At the end of the hour and half allowed, Uncle Fester pulled out a massive 2061Mhz frequency making it the first DDR4 score above 4Ghz in a competition. Xtreme Addict take second spot at 1986.1Mhz very closely by l0ud_sil3nc3 at 1981.7Mhz… and yes this is really tight !

Cinebench R15

Once the best ram stick was found and the score set it was time to move on to Cinebench with the full setup.


Once again the steamroller from Poland : Xtreme Addict got the best score with 2239cb followed by 8Pack in second with 2228cb and l0ud_sil3nc3 at 2220cb.

Xtreme_Addict an an alien CPU reaching 5.6Ghz in frequency and the memory was clocking perfectly, that surely helped.

XTU at 5Ghz

The XTU stage was split in the first day and had an extra hour the next day due to slight benchmark troubles.


8Pack managed to get the lead with 2557marks, while Splave and Xtreme Addict got both 2552marks, the person tht submitted the score first still have the advantage in the ranking.

Xtreme Addict strikes again


Xtreme Addict, won the race with a whooping 179 Points, he is the most consistent overclocker overall in the ranking, Splave is second with 142 Points, thanks to a strong XTU Score while Uncle Fester is third very closely at 140 Points with the help of the fastest memory frequency of the day !

We appreciate that HyperX is doing this kind of event as well as the partners who supported it, we definitely hope that this event was an eye-opening on the must to have live broadcast coverage for this kind of competitions to attract people, viewership and get the message out.

‘Til next time… Keep pushing it !


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