MOA 2011 – APAC Finals, warriors are in place

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Last Thursday took place the MOA Indonesian finals in Jakarta. This final was not only taking place in the APAC finals city, but this was the remaining selection left to complete our warrior list for next weeks finals.

Once again, our friends demonstrated good live overclocking action and find below the scoreboard from these finals as well as the pics of the two winners from the top team (Djakarta Tempoe Doeloe) which are Lucky-n00b & Ekky

Next week (Thursday) is going to take place the MOA 2011 APAC Finals at the La Grandeur hotel. (more info in our last post: )

Here is the final line-up for these finals:

Me and Trouffman are going to fly there next Tuesday,  arrive on Wednesday and meet there all our friends for this great event. We are looking forward to report to you about these finals and we’ll try to update you as much as possible live about what is going on there. (may Internet be with us!)

Best luck to everyone!


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