MOA 2012 – WW Final dates are out!

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In our last news on the MOA 2012, we were telling you that the MOA 2012 worldwide finals would be hold in Q3 2012 … as usual. Without any surprises, MSI today kind of made the dates public by contacting our friends from lab501.

MOA 2012 – 27th to 30th of september 2012

As for the past years, MSI re-invites the winners automatically back to next worldwide finals, and once again they chose to adopt the same tactic.

Matose and Monstru as winners of the MOA 2011 are automatically re-invited for the following MOA and just received the invitation E-mail from MSI.

MOA 2012 WW final dates
MOA 2012 WW final invitation email -

So this email kinds of confirms the dates “officially” and we do believe that these won’t change. Book your flights ! The overclockers will be invited from the 27th to the 30th in Taipei and the final competition will be hold on the 28th.

MOA 2012 – More Seat available

This little email also confirmed us something that MSI didn’t wanted to publicly announce. 15 Teams of worldwide overclocking experts. 15 Teams you say? Yes, think about it:

  • 3 for Americas
  • 5 for EMEA
  • 4 for APAC
  • 1 Last year team
  • and ….

3+5+4+1=13 and according to our latest calculations 15-13=2. So! There are two more seats available for going to the MOA 2012.

In the last years, MSI did gave seats to Futuremark as part of the LordsOfOverclocking contest and we believe that this will be the case once again.  :) So if you happen to have missed the EMEA and Americas qualifiers, don’t worry, there is still a little chance for you to come over to Taiwan at the end of September!

moa 2012 final dates broadcast schedule
moa 2012 final dates broadcast schedule

We will keep you posted on the latest infos as soon as we know more. But no matter what. MOA is our calendar is booked!

NB : Our little finger told us there might be a surprise coming later… recalculation needed ! (there is a hint in this news)



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