MOA 2012 – APAC qualifier results !

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And it is over. The final Round of qualifications for the MOA 2012 competition from MSI is now over. After about a month of overclocking and seven days after an elimination round, we have found the winners of the APAC region. These overclockers will have the priceless chance to compete in the worldwide finals in Taipei next september.

MOA 2012 APAC – The winners

For the APAC region, MSI decided to give four plane tickets to their Worldwide final in Taiwan. Four plane tickets for four extreme overclockers that have once again demonstrated their skills and passion for overclocking.

Let’s have a quick look at the results:

MSI MOA 2012 APAC Final results
MSI MOA 2012 APAC Final results

(the results might change a little in case some inconsistencies appear in the score verification. We will let you know if this is the case)

As you can see, the four overclockers that will be flying to Taiwan are: I.R.I.S from Indonesia, SniperOZ and uncle fester from Australia and oc_windforce from Korea.

Congratulations to all four of them. This was a very interesting round, see you all in Taiwan in September!

MOA 2012 APAC – Analysis of the competition

In overall, this final regional qualification round turned out as good as the EMEA and Amerikas ones. A total of 17 overclockers took part to the competition with the following weight per participating country: Indonesia with 6 Overclockers, Australia with 3 and all the others (Korean, Japan, NewZealand, India, China and Taiwan) with 1 overclocker for each.

I.R.I.S got himself in the top about 24 hours before the end of the competition while we could observe a little more last minute sandbagging on the Australian side. Nevertheless, this is also part of the competition and part of what makes online competition what they are: Online competitions.

If the APAC region seems to have been a little less active than the EMEA region, they clearly demonstrated that Asian overclocking is at least as strong as American overclocking.

MOA APAC 2012 Vs. 2011

We also found of interest to compare the results of this year’s MOA APAC with the ones from the MOA APAC 2011 from last year. Last year’s contest was live. Live usually, compared to online, carries a great deal of difference as online overclockers that might have less skills in live time limited overclocking get an advantage over the competitors.

This where the results from last year:

MSI MOA 2011 APAC results
MSI MOA 2011 APAC results

So comparing this years to last years top 5, we can find once again the key overclockers and the key countries of the APAC region represented. Korea with oc_windforce is here as well as Australia with uncle fester. Indonesia was also there even though I.R.I.S was not competing himself. The only exception being actually Thailand that is absent form this years MOA APAC regional qualifiers as ZoLKoRn didn’t participated due to time constrains.

Overall we can conclude that according to both regional scores over the two years, the top overclockers and the top overclocking countries of APAC are still ruling the game. It’s with a great pleasure that we are looking forward to have the chance to meet all four APAC teams at the final in Taipei after the summer.

MOA 2012 APAC – In the Press

JagatReview today for the winning of his crew member published a quite nice news with pictures of their installations and benching sessions for the MOA. We highly recommend you to pay them a little visit and have a look at their news.

JagatReview - MOA team indonesia JagatReview - MOA team indonesia 2

MOA 2012 – Break before the finals

The MOA 2012 regional qualifiers are now over. We will be following up tomorrow with a news regarding the MOA in general and the latests informations on what’s coming up next.

Stay tuned!


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