MSI MOA 2012 – Summary of the qualifiers

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After three months of competition, three online regional qualifiers and hours of benchmarking sunk under litters of ln2, we finally have the list of overclockers that will have the chance to go to the Master Overclocking Arena 2012 finals. This news is mainly about summarizing the status of the contest right now and have a quick look at what’s coming up next.

MSI MOA 2012 – List of the contestants.

We have finally the list of the 12 overclockers that have been granted a seat to the worldwide finals. According to our news from June 22 we know already that it will be teams of two overclockers as for the previous seasons of the master overclocking arena. But first lets have a look at the 12 contestants qualified so far:

You may have noticed the little • after the name of some overclockers listed above. Each overclocker marked with a dot has been participating in one of the MOA worldwide finals since 2008. So 50%, or half, of the overclockers participating at this years finals again were in the finals last year.

The dots in the other colors represent: • MOA 2011   /   • MOA 2010   /    • MOA 2009  (there was no contestant in the MOA 2008)

So this shows that most of the overclockers qualified are overclockers that have experience. They almost all participated to finals of previous MOA seasons or at least have been practicing overclocking close to a big figure of their country that participated to it.

MSI MOA 2012 – The teams

Right now, we only have the list with the single overclockers that won the MOA qualifiers. The finals will be in team of two overclockers as we have been used for over the past four years by MSI. We could make guesses on the partner overclockers that will join the contestants but it is probably more fun to simply wait and see who they will decide to take with them.

Wait & See!

MSI MOA 2012 and the Lords of Overclocking

Each year since 2009 if I’m not mistaking, MSI decided to grant one spot in the finals to futuremark.  This year again it will work the same way…. but in better! Yes better, because this year the LOC2012 competition is offering the 3 extra team seats left fort the MOA finals.

Leona Liu from MSI marketing at the HQ confirmed us that there would be 16 teams in total joining the MOA. 15 of them provided from the MOA qualifiers (Americas, EMEA and APAC + LOC) and the 16th being the seed team, winner of last years MOA: Romania.

The Lord of overclocking 2012 competition on which we will be talking a little more in our next news will provide 3 teams this season. Please make sure to read our news on the LOC contest to get all the informations in case you want to try your final luck and make it to Taipei in september!

Master overclocking arena 2012 – Final roadmap

The dates of the final is already known: 28th of September 2012

We don’t have much more news to share with you from today of besides that we are waiting for more infos from MSI to know how things will be organized there. But what is for sure is that things are going to move very fast over the summer.

MSI MOA 2012 final road map
MSI MOA 2012 final road map


MSI should (if like the past season) ship parts of the hardware as motherboard and graphic card to the contestants before the beginning of the competition for modding and testing. And then things will start to get really interesting.

We contacted MSI to try to know more about the competition parts, but the hardware list for the final isn’t final yet and we cannot communicate you more about it yet, so stay tuned :)



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