GOOC 2013 – What you should know between rumor and truth

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About a week ago, a little news started by the spanish overclocking website overclockear came to our ears virally. This news was basically saying that Gigabyte was actually thinking to do the GOOC 2013. But is it real? is it realistic?

GOOC 2013 the legend is back … maybe

As overclocking fans and having covered all the GOOC events that our overclocking planet can count, we had to clear this up and could not be satisfied with simple rumors or thoughts picked up here and there. The only way to verify such information is to contact the Gigabyte HQ in Taiwan and simply ask them true or false.

The GOOC is a global overclocking contest organized by Gigabyte. Since 2010, gigabyte suspended the following seasons and the community kind of never heard back on GOOC officially ever since as a clear statement/announcement by the company. Many of us dreamed of it but nothing came so far. So will there be a 2013 season?

To answer this question we contacted Tim Handley from Gigabyte HQ. Tim has been the guy that since 2008 and over the years pushed overclocking and the GOOC really hard over there in Taiwan and around the world.

Why did Gigabyte stopped doing the GO OC since 2010?

“We’d love to do a GO OC every year, but it takes a lot of resources to put on a proper GO OC, and with the economic challenges facing the motherboard market over the past two years we decided against it rather than hosting a cost down version that would hurt the GO OC brand.”

Is Gigabyte already working on the GO OC 2013 edition?

“We are considering GO OC 2013, but there are no final plans as yet, so it is far from confirmed. I believe that this was also the message at the recent event in Spain.”

 What are the plans of Gigabyte for the overclocking community in the coming months and 2013?

“For now, we will continue to hold our hwbot OC competitions and work with the overclocking community to improve our BIOS and motherboard hardware features so that if we do have GO OC 2013, we’ll have the best possible platforms to work with.”

Overclocking in 2013 with Gigabyte

So right now, don’t start to shake there is no GOOC 2013 coming for sure … yet. The GO OC 2013 is an idea that Gigabyte has in mind as they did thought about it for the 2011 and 2012 editions.

The economic challenges that the motherboard sector is facing are reallities that, at the very basis of the Overclocking event investments, need to be considered by vendors before announcing such contest. Remember that the GOOC  2010 (the last edition) had a coast of 1M $ for Gigabyte and with such expenses, returns need to follow in order the competition to be maintained season after seasons at a similar level.

On the other hand, we do have to highlight that Gigabyte multiplied since 2010 the number of small local events hosted with overclockers. These events are very welcomed by the community and truly show that they have not forgotten overclocking even if they don’t host global overclocking events as the GOOC since. Also Gigabyte hosted about 10 online contest since 2010’s last GOOC edition. These competition hosted throught the Hwbot competition engine are giving to overclockers around the world the chance to compete among them on Gigabyte platform boards and have some fun with always nice prizes un goal.

Last words

We conclude this news by saluting Gigabytes involvement in overclocking since 2010. We are definitely looking forward for future global competitions by Gigabyte and deeply inside wish that our GOOC 2013 dream will become true. :)

Keep pushing it! :)



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