MSI MOA 2012 – Hotel for overclockers confirmed

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The MOA event process is now terribly good engaged. Since the competitors are known, the Venue is unveild and the benchmarks announced, it is now time for MSI to confirm the location in which the guest overclockers will be spending their almost three days in the Taiwanese capital (city of hardware): Taipei!

Hotel for the MOA contestants

After having moved overclockers in several Hotels over the past years MOAs, MSI decided this year to invite us back to probably a hotel that many of us overclockers know: The classy Miramar Garden Hotel.

Here are some pics of it to check out! We believe that the Hotel staff that knows us (overclockers) for a while now is definitely happy to see us all coming back … seriously :)

Miramar Garden Two BedRoom
Miramar Garden Room
Overclockers at miramar garden taipei
Overclockers at miramar garden taipei

A Strategic location

The location of this Hotel is actually quite good and probably a little better than last year as it is a few MRT stations closer to the venue than last years one. Anyhow, the location remains pretty central and close to the biggest attractions of Taipei that are its clubs and Guang-Hua computer market in which most of us will go make some shopping.

Map Taipei Miramar gardent to NTU Sport center
From Hotel to Competition Venue


As this news has no real link whatsoever with overlocking, I’m not going to say more about this and leave it to it’s informative purpose.

One more thing …

This time we promise … we won’t play with the decoration! :D

Playing with Taipei Miramar decoration
Saaya having some fun


Keep Pushing It !


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