MSI MOA 2013 – No Limits!

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MSI which doesn’t need to be introduced anymore has finally revealed a little bit more about this years edition. Many speculations had been around since the 2012 edition ended on wether MSI would be doing the MOA again for 2013. Indeed, with the current economy, there had been many rumors announcing that MSI would not be doing MOA again.

But it is nothing quite like it!

MSI 2013 – No Limits

“No Limits” Damn, we already love that slogan! If the previous years slogans where slightly cheesy and quite repeating themselves, this years “no limits” is finally truly inviting us to something strong, powerful and extreme!

The Website has been launched and we recommend you to have a look:

There is also this trailer video that has been publish by MSI on their social networks, you might have already seen it, but here it is again just in case.


MSI MOA 2013 – But where?

Well, where is always the question.

The three previous years, MSI hold the contest in the NTU Sport arena in Taipei, Taiwan. Smart economical choice from the manufacturer, but also smart choice logistics wise as there is only the need to fly-in overclockers and press – saving on staff and foreign agencies.

MSI MOA 2013 – Hardware

Even without confirmed data yet, it is quite safe to assume that the Master overclocking arena 2013 will be using Haswell with the latest revision of MSI’s flagship motherboard updated for the new platform. Also, knowing that Elmor and Massman are in Taipei, it is also safe to assume that their input on the competition hardware and rules will be highly noticeable and we are already looking forward to it.

We might be learning more about the MOA around computex time when will be in Taiwan. Stay tuned!



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