Overclocking Week-End at LANETS with der8auer

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The first week-end of March is a gaming week-end in Montreal, with the LANETS 2014 this was true once again. With more than 1K gamers, this even is the biggest lanparty in Canada and for the third year in a row OverClocking-TV was demoing an Extreme Overclocking Show for gamers and visitors.

The Extreme Overclocking Show was in collaboration with CORSAIR and Intel and we had a lot of fun on the CORSAIR booth as well as on the main stage during the complete Week end.


der8auer was spending the week-end and the week following the event here in the cold Montreal while Trouffman was managing another platform and the live with the help of Redmax.

While we had a lot of hardware, we were aiming at having the most fun and interesting score with the hardware we both had and were provided for the event. Even tho, Roman’s Golden 4670K CPU, and his zombified GTX570 made a good destruction of the ranking on that card. Securing a bunch of GTX 570 WR on Hwbot.

 GEEKBENCH3 - SINGLE CORE - 5821points - 4670K @6214Mhz
GEEKBENCH3 – SINGLE CORE – 5821points – 4670K @6214Mhz

Even with a pair of Core i7 4770K in our hands, Roman’s golden 4670K was doing 6.4Ghz in most benchmarks on the GIGABYTE Z87-OC and was use most of the week-end to produce scores.

We also used the Core i7 4930K at about 5.5Ghz on the X79-GD45 combining different VGA to get the best compromises. All this little world was powered by the AX1200i and the AX860i, paired with CORSAIR Vengeance, Dominator Platinum memories and Corsair Neutron GTX SSDs.

3DMark05 - 65565marks - MSI GTX 570
3DMark05 – 65565marks – MSI GTX 570

The zombified MSI GTX 570 was doing between 1150Mhz and 1225Mhz on the Core depending on the benchmarks, while memory was topped at 1300Mhz. The most impressive score still be the 3DMark06 at first run with the card under ln2… when der8auer turned to Trouffman and say :

First run… World record… 3DMark06… holy shit !

Turned out the 3DMark06 Score on the GTX 570 is about 4K points more than the second score. Same destruction on the 3DMark05 ranking with an advance of more than 3K points.

3DMark06 - 53800marks - MSI GTX 780Ti GAMING
3DMark06 – 53800marks – MSI GTX 780Ti GAMING

During the weekend we also used the MSI 780Ti GAMING first in air then with liquid nitrogen, even tho this card is aimed at the gaming market and is not a custom PCB like the lightning, der8auer still managed to push the card ans secure a 3rd spot.

The ghetto VRM cooling did helped a lot for sure…


3DMark2001 SE - 166135 marks - GeForce GTX 570
3DMark2001 SE – 166135 marks – GeForce GTX 570


Interesting point to note is that we were live most of the time and this was a very nice experience with blazing speed internet. We were using the special OverClocking-TV-Live-Gears to broadcast the screen as well as different angles. We will release some EPIC video moments on our Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

3DMark Vantage Performance - 39199 marks on GTX 570
3DMark Vantage Performance – 39199 marks on GTX 570

We would like to thanks our main sponsors CORSAIR and INTEL for making this showoff possible once again, we would like to thanks the LANETS organiser once more for their support and putting a nice event every year, thank you to MSI for the mainboard and VGAs that we abused, as well as GIGABYTE for the mainboard support.



We are all  definitely looking forward to next episode !


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