Dancop Win’s the GOC 2015 in Wuhan

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This is a news we should have published earlier, but with the tight production schedule for the HyperX H.O.T., flights, and the end of the year celebrations, we ended up skipping this one a bit. Nevertheless it is never too late to make the news public and congrats the overclockers that got involved in Galax’s annual overclocking event in Wuhan, China, the GOC.

Overclockers involved

This year again the GOC was held in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. For the occasion, 14 overclockers were present and competed next to a much larger gaming tournament, the GEC.

  • 1) Dancop
  • 2) Xtreme Addict
  • 3) Perica_barii
  • 4) Lucky_n00b
  • 5) Zer0 Dan
  • 6) SHIMIZU
  • 7) Vivi
  • 8) schenckelbros
  • 9) dRweEz
  • 10) bboyjezz
  • 11) Wizerty
  • 12) Darkvenom
  • 13) Bullshooter
  • 14) X800 Pro

The battle was tough and overclockers battled through the usual few hardware difficulties that such kind of live event comes with (it wouldn’t be as fun without right?), the cold at the venue, the great firewall of China (yeah, all the coverage came in only a few days after the event) and some electrical down times. (Who do you think used too many watts?)

But this is all part of what makes a pro overclocker a real pro. The ability to compete under any circumstance and face the challenges with only one goal: total domination.


The top three of the GOC 2015 went to Dancop, schenckelbros and Lucky_n00b. Congratulation to those three, well done!


OverClocking-TV this year didn’t had the chance to attend the GOC as we were busy with the next event that took place in California just a few days later. But, thanks to our friends at Tecmundo we can share with you the pictures from this post and the informations on the event.

Check out their coverage over here: (use google translate): http://www.tecmundo.com.br/galax/91846-so-feras-veja-os-detalhes-galax-overclocking-carnival-2015.htm

On the second day, Galax held the traditional freestyle day where overclockers go for top scores and eventual records. You can read more about that over here: http://www.tecmundo.com.br/galax/91841-overclockers-quebram-recorde-fire-strike-extreme-4-placas-galax.htm

It is great to see that Galax as one of the last few brands to hold live OC events keeps the wheel going with the GOC. Hopefully next year the location will be a little more accessible so more overclockers can attend and cheer for their favorite overclocking star.




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