Live Overclocking Recap & Replay

Sharing with you today, the livestream replays of each of the three major Live OC stream at Computex 2014. Intel, HyperX and HWBOT - all in one place!

Overclocking in this past months was definitely at the center of our attention. Computex of course was the place where it all happened and with three major competitions scheduled and one of the largest global overclockers gathering organized by HWBOT, there was definitely enough to be talked about.

We’ve spend most of our computex producing these lives and reporting about the things and happening of OC on the show floor. But we’ve been so busy with the events logistics that we barely had the time to share more than just text and pictures about it. For those of you that are subscribers to our YouTube channel (Thanks for that – if you’r not, click this NOW), you might have noticed that we published a few replays of our live broadcasts.

Intel OC Challenge

This is he live broadcast full replay of the Intel OC Challenge at computex, aka. Unleash the Beast.

HyperX OC Takeover @ Computex

Being slightly longer, this one is split in two parts. Watch each of these through the below playlist.

HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering

And finally the HWBOT global overclocker gathering for the celebration of the site’s 10th anniversary.

Thanks for all of you that supported us during this year’s computex – to be released very soon – some short aftermovie from each event!

About Timothée Pineau

Vice-President, Producer and Editor for OverClocking-TV since 2008, Xyala is mainly in charge of developing OCTV's video activities by supervising the video productions and organizing overclocking live streaming shows on the most prestigious competitions out there as the GOOC or the MOA. He reported for OCTV from all IT corners of the world on fairs as the CeBIT, Computex and also CES. For any questions and inquiries about live streaming possibilities and published videos: he's the guy!

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  1. This was the best overclocking live experience evarh !

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