MSI Master overclocking arena 2012 Trailer

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The overclocking competition is now exactly in two weeks and for us as for overclockers it is time to get ready. Here is our first “on show” coverage part with the MOA Trailer.

The MOA Trailer is here

This short trailer is a small mix-up of images from overclocking/overclockers found in our archives as they participated to previous MOA competitions. We added on top a little dubstep mix remixed by myself (true story, let me know what you think!) to give it a little real steel spin!

We couldn’t fit everybody in that short trailer, but you might recognize a few familiar faces of the worldwide OC community :)

So if you love this trailer, simply hit share and spread the world so that on september 28th we are all ready to enjoy to pure overclocking moments live from Taipei!

Keep pushing it!


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