G.Skill OC Stage at Computex 2014

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Every year now, G.SKILL is hosting the largest OC stage on Computex. Every year more and more overclockers are invited to join the event and we have to admit that soon enough, the memory company might hit a limit of available space on it’s banner. The principle behind the OC stage is to feature everyday a different group of overclockers benching G.SKILL memory. Each day, a different brand of motherboard is promoted and of course with in-house overclockers from each company being present, the show is definitely going to be a cool one!

G.SKILL OC Stage – When, Who and what?

ASRock, ASUS, eVGA GIGABYTE, MSI – All of them will be represented. Some have their in-house overclockers present to ensure the show while some others completed their line-up with some extra’s. G.SKILL also invited three overclockers (Vivi, Hiwa and YoungPro to bench in their name). But first, the location. Everything is happening at the Nangang exhibition hall (Booth I0218 – 1F). We expect the stage to be as large as last years and similar in design.

G.Skill OC Stage at Computex 2013

As for the previous year, G.SKILL published a handy schedule before-hand. That way, those of you that want to follow their favorite overclocker benching live at Computex on the live-stream (TBA) will be able to do so.

GSkill OC Stage 2013 – Schedule

In terms of benched hardware, off course Z97 will be in the highlights. Memory will be the G.SKILL Trident kits and for the rest, Overclockers are pretty much able to bring what they want. KingPin already announced his plan of benching 4 way which is always nice to see and impressive for the audience.

Day to day coverage

The activities on the booth are starting today. We will update you with all our coverage and pictures over the coming days below. …..


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