MOA 2011 – Jakarta, here we are!

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And here we are, well arrive in Jakarta.

Jakarta, this vibrant city of 9,5 Million inhabitants located in the north-west on the biggest island of the Indonesian archipel called “Java”. Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political centre. It is the most populous city in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, and is the tenth-largest city in the world! No wonder that MSI decided, in the foot steps of GIGABYTE last year, to organize their asian finals of the MOA 2011 edition in this very same city.

(source : Wikipedia)

pic by joe-joe

(source : Joe-joe)

It is with a huge excitement that we landed a few hours ago and started to meet our overclockers and media friends from Asia. Participants come from almost every corner of Asia which sort of plants the great multi-cultural atmosphere for this event which we expect to rock off and bring to the  front of the overclockers scene the talent and experience from these overclockers that are pretty much used to bench in extreme high humidity and heat conditions!


The venue for tomorrow is still under construction process by the PR company workers. Find below a few pics of what it already look like and in exclusivity the floor plan of the final competition space! We don’t know yet exactly how it’s going to work out with the internet and the possibility for streaming, but we’ll do our possible as in Istanbul to provide you with a stream of good quality on stage as muchas it is possible.

The hotel is really nice and luxurious. The only thing that will be missing tomorrow is the public to encourage our OCers. The fact that this event takes place privatly  in the Hotel doesn’t allow the local public to join and cheer up their favorit team. Anyway, now it’s time to chill-out after the 20hours travel to get here, take a shower, a beer (or maybe the beer first ^^) and enjoy our cosy rooms at the hotel to be ready at 200% for tomorrow’s show.


One more thing before giving you “rendez-vous” tomorrow. Here is the detailled schedule of the two following days here in Jakarta including Competition but also all the rest :D Enjoy!

Make sure during the two coming days to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest hot news, pics and infos about the event.

Big thanks already to MSI for the invitation, we are looking forward for tomorrow. :)

Keep pushing it!


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