MOA 2011 – Take your gear, ready go!

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Jakarta, 8am GMT+7

Forces are up and standing after a great breakfast! It’s time to draw the gear for each team and start to mount, setup and make sure everything is ready to go for 6 intensive hours of bench without much interruptions. As everybody knows, humidity here in Asia is quite important, and even with the AC of the hotel, the air isn’t that dry and a good insulation is not optional for the competitors to survie each of the 3 rounds that leads to the podium!

Let’s take a look first at the schedule:

As you already realized, this schedule is quite different from the EMEA finals of last april. For these finals, MSI decided to place the whole competition on only one day and reduce the benchmarks from 3 to 2 removing the 3DMark03 from the list. SuperPi 32M will be weighted at 40% and 3DMark 11 at 60%, counting the final score based on the percentage of improvement realize in comparison to the same setup running at stock speed.

Competition should start in about an hour. We are still working on the livestream but we should have it live and working for the start of the first benchmark session. :)

Watch live streaming video from overclocking at

We will be updating this post along the competition with the important informations and pics, everything else will be found in the twitter feed  etc. Also make sure to check next by post that groups all the interviews with Overclockers that we have already made and that are to come!


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