MSI MOA 2012 Americas – The results

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And here we are, today the MOA 2012 Americas competition is over. After weeks of competition and an elimination round a few days ago, it is time to have a look at the results and see who will be having the chance to fly to Taiwan.

MOA 2012 Americas – USA and Brazil in the lead

I is without surprise that according to our estimates a few weeks ago we would have predicted to have at least one contestant of each side (north and south) to be winning a flight to Taipei. But the surprise came from south america staring the Brazil OC community once again.

Indeed, lets have a look at the results:

MSI MOA 2012 Americas Final Results
MSI MOA 2012 Americas Final Results

MSI MOA 2012 – Result

First of all we need here to address our congratulations to the top three: Splave, Rbuass and gnidaol for having reached the top 3 and obtaining a flight ticket for the MOA 2012 WW Finals that will probably be hold this year again in Q3.

Also applause to the two others in the top5 that won’t go home empty handed, but with some hardware given as gift by MSI. This first qualifier round for the MOA 2012 definitely was a success. We can only praise the fact that the competition couldn’t have been better organized online anywhere else than on the HWBOT engine.

MSI MOA 2012 – What’s next?

What’s next? Well have a look at the roadmap. First up in about a week is the MOA 2012 EMEA qualifiers (18th May) and a bit later the MOA 2012 APAC ones (15th June).

(On that map the WW Final date is of course wrong, don’t pay attention to it yet)

MSI MOA 2012 roadmap

We are definitely looking forward to the EMEA qualifiers and will update you with a news later next week including all the details and rules (even though there should not be much difference with the Americas qualifiers ones.




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