MSI MOA 2012 – Competition schedule and benchmarks

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In our last news about the Master Overclocking Arena, we were sharing the fact that in the about section of the official website, an overall schedule of the Competition Stages was published. But this wasn’t the competition schedule itself. Not much use for an overclocker: we agree! But no worry, now we have it, the MOA2012 Competition schedule is in our hands! So .. hand’s on? :)

MOA 2012 Competition schedule

Today we have received from our source at MSI, Leona, the detailed competition schedule. This schedule is not just a schedule but it is also the first announcement of the competition benchmarks that have been selected for these master overclocking arena 2012 worldwide finals. This schedule hasn’t been publish on the official website yet, so changes might occur before the 28th, but most of it is definitely going to happen in that order.

At the occasion of citing Leona, we would like to salute the awesome job that she is bringing on this year with her team preparing this MOA competition. She deserves a big share of the credits for it and big thumbs up to MSI for keep pushing overclocking live competitions at this level!

Let’s have a look at it!

Master overclocking arena 2012 - moa2012 - schedule and benchmarks
MOA2012 – Competition Schedule and benchmarks


So as we can see, the schedule is kind of “usual” in the way that it looks almost identical to the one of last years MOA. Arriving early in the morning at the venue, the contestants will have about 1hour and a half to get their gear and setup.

Notice that the competition is once again non-stop. Overclockers will have to rightfully manage their own schedule and bench form 10:30am to 6pm : about 7:30 hours straight under competition pressure. This is where experience makes the difference!

MOA 2012 Competition benchmarks

For a competition such as the MOA, benchmarks are this year almost similar to the ones of last year. The classic SuperPi 32M will be present as for the 3DMark 11-P run that is now a standard of the MOA competitions since 2011.

The changing benchmark this year is 3DMark03 that is replacing 3DMark01 used during the previous season. But this isn’t really a surprise as 3DMark03 has been used over all regional qualifiers this year.

According to the schedule, each benchmark will be given the following time allocation during the contest:

  • SuperPi 32M – 2 hours
  • 3DMark03 – 2,5 hours
  • 3DMark 11 – 3 hours

MOA 2012, more news to come

It’s been now months that we started reporting on the MOA 2012 and this isn’t the end of it! Now that we know the contestants, the benchmarks and the schedule there are still many things that you don’t know about this years season. Three weeks remain until the finals on the 28th, stay tuned for moar!


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