Unleash The Beast – Intel® Overclocking Challenge 2014

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Along with the new products launch, Haswell refresh and 9-series chipset Intel is going full in with an overclocking Competition : Intel® OC Challenge 2014.

The event will take place on June 3rd from 5PM to 11PM (Taipei Time) in Taipei.

Update : The event will be broadcasted live on OverClocking-TV Live page and Twitch.tv channel.

This event mark the launch of the Devil’s Canyon CPUs such as the 4690K and the 4790K, a thermally improved version of the 4670K and 4770K, and the show-off of mainboard manufacturers’ products based on the Intel 9-series chipset (read : Z97).

Codenamed Devil’s Canyon CPUs are refreshed Haswell CPUs with a new TIM (Thermal Interface Material) that will allow cooler operation and we then expect higher overclocking results. With over a year of availability on the retail market, Intel’s performance tuning and production maturity allowed a frequency boost for the new SKUs. The 4790K is getting a boost of 500Mhz for default frequency compared to the 4770K, while the 4690K get a 100Mhz boost over his little brother the 4670K.


The Intel® OC Challenge 2014 will be a rare opportunity to see all the major mainboard manufacturer display their new products and skills of their in-house overclocker. In fact, this is a kind of competition that is interesting as it bring multiple vendors around the same event pushing them to make their products fine tuned and completly ready for the time or a very short time after launch.

Two competitions will take place at the Intel OC Challenge 2014 event, the first one is by invite-only where manufacturer overclocking heros or in-house overclockers will compete to grab the cash prize, the second is called the Amateur contest.

The Intel OC Challenge 2014

The overclocking competition this year follow the same concept as last year Computex OC Main Event, this time sponsored by Intel & Cooler-Master and every major mainboard manufacturer will bring their OC-Hero and in-house overclocker.

CPU Intel® Haswell Devil’s Canyon (provided by Intel®)
Motherboard Z97 (provided by ODM, must be production grade)
Graphics Card Bring your own
Memory Bring your own
SSD Provided by Intel®
PSU Provided by Cooler Master
Keyboard Provided by Cooler Master
Mouse Provided by Cooler Master
LED Monitor Provided by Intel®
Operating System Windows® 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Each teams will bring their own memory and mainboard to compete, this will be interesting to see what brand are represented. There is no informations yet regarding the operating systems that will be used, that will mostly depends on the benchmarks. The contestants :

The benchmarks :

  • Devil’s Canyon Maximum Frequency (4 cores (with HT) & 1 core (without HT))
  • Intel XTU
  • Cinebench R15
  • WPrime 1024M
  • HWBOT Prime
  • Maximum Memory Clock

Scoreboard and competition page on Hwbot.

Intel OC Challenge 2014


The Intel OC Challenge for Amateurs Overclocking competition 2014

The qualification process was running online on the Overclocking League Home site HWBOT. To qualify one was requirred to submit a XTU score with a 4670K or 4770K CPU on the Hwbot Registration page.

For overclockers attending Computex 2014, Intel® is hosting the Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs alongside a bigger overclocking competition. The Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs features 8 overclockers competing on air cooling using the new Z97 motherboards and upcoming Haswell K-SKU series CPUs. The registration for this competition is open. All you need to do is submit an XTU result using either the Core i5 4670K or the Core i7 4770K to this competition page. From the selection of submissions we then select the 8 participants at random.

Out of this qualification, 8 peoples got the opportunity to participate in the event in Taipei, as the qualification process finished less than 48H before the event, it is a no-surprise that only people already attending the Computex show will be able to attend.

The contestant are : Bullshooterjoe90brzzolioTommi_Vercetti,JarraxcerpelaiCherVRookie_JR

The challenge is simple: whoever sets the highest XTU and CPU Frequency scores wins the competition and will forever be known as the winner of the first Intel® OC Challenge for Amateurs. The competition will be held on air-cooling only. The full system, including the cooling gear, will be provided by the organization.

The hardware is provided by Intel.

The benchmarks :

  • Intel XTU Benchmark
  • CPU Frequency

Live score board for Amateur contest

The results

You can find all the result and outcome of this event on our final result summary.



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