G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Qualification summary

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With the GSKILL OC World Cup Final to be held in Taipei from June 3rd to June 5th during Computex, we took the time to look back at the qualification process.


Online qualifiers were held at HWBOT from 24th March to 27th April 2014, featuring 3 benchmarks including the highest memory frequency, SuperPI 32M, and 3DMark Fire Strike.

Stage 1 : Memory Frequency

splave_gskill_ocworldcup_stage1_memory_freqThe goal of Stage 1 was to reach the highest memory frequency using G.SKILL memory. Splave managed to finish first of this stage with a whooping 4230Mhz memory frequency. Also note that der8auer and Hero were extremly close to each other.


Stage 2 : FireStrike

This 3D benchmark was limited to one GPU only, so most of the overclockers went to choose the GeForce GTX 780Ti under extreme cold.


Interesting to point out that Splave is not even in the top 10 at this run, actually he ranked 11th.

Stage 3 : SuperPi 32M

Along with high clocked memory and good CPU Frequencies, we see that in the SuperPi32M stage the top 6 is actually the 6 overclcokers that will be invited later on.


Overall results and selection for Final


The top 6 overclockers to get to compete on the G.SKILL event at Computex are Splave.ROM, 8Pack, Hero, Xtreme Addict, der8auer and ZeR0_Dan.



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