HyperX OC Takeover series – The results

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The HyperX OC Takeover series at Computex is now over. During the whole day, 10 teams of clockers tried to get the best scores on 3 different benchmarks. Many overclockers got some trouble at the beginning and quite a lot of teams could not submit some of the benchmarks – which resulted in a scoreboard with a few holes.

The Results

Here is the results of the competition.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 6.35.18 PM

Team Gigabyte with Hicookie and sofos1990, submitted their first score very early on the competition and they did hold that place until the end of the competition.

The most interesting bench, when we could feel the stress, was for the SuperPi 32M. HiCookie and sofos1990 (Gigabyte team) were fighting against Team AU for a while… until the end where Xtreme-Addict submitted his 4m43s score. With this one he takes the lead of this benchmark and went up the ranking to the 4th place.

However, Team Gigabyte lead XTU and the memory frequency benchmark. Well done. Gigabyte wins 3750 USD, Team AU wins 3250 USD, Team China wins 1500 USD and Team United Overclockers wins 1500 USD.

The Pictures


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