MSI MOA 2012 – Competition Website up and running!

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If some of us had some vacations this summer and enjoyed to relax a little, for MSI the vacation post-computex were pretty short. Since now two days, we can see to appear over the social networks messages and links redirecting to the MOA 2012 official website. Let’s have a look.

Master Overclocking Arena Competition website

As for each MOA competition by MSI, a dedicated website is launched. Today, most of the previous versions have kind of disappeared and are of no-use as they only exist in the sole purpose to serve the annual competition.

On the website right now the main sections are the champion prediction page and the MOA babe voting page (entitled: steel lover voting). Besides this there is not much content present on the site so far. A link at the top sends you back to the official MOA website. On it, competition rules are not yet updated and the same goes for the competition gear section. It should not take too long before MSI starts to publish the remaining content to it site.

While waiting for it, we can only advise you to have a look at the site and why not have a little vote ! (click to enter the vote chamber)

MSI MOA 2012 Steel lover voting - babe               MSI MOA 2012 Champion prediction

Master overclocking Arena Competition Schedule

On the MOA 2012 competition website, kind of hidden in the About section, we found the most interesting piece of information. The competition day schedule of september 28th. The schedule looks pretty much like the ones from the two previous years at the NTU center. There will be three areas dividing the stage, the competiton area and the so called experience lounge where “visitors” will be able to check out products from MSI and partners as well as other things.

MSI Master overclocking arena - moa  - 2012 - Competition schedule
MOA 2012 Competition Schedule

We hope to soon get our hands on the competition rules and benchmarks so that we the ones of you that have already received their hardware from MSI can finalize their preparations efforts.

Till there, as usual .. Keep pushing it!



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